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    Working with, Rewarding, Respecting your Millennial's: What you Truly Need to Know About Them

    Date: August 15, 2018, 7:30am – 10:00am
    Rogue Valley SHRM
    Smullin Health Education Center
    2825 E. Barnett Rd.
    Lecture 2
    $20 members; $25 non-members; Free for First Time Guests
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    Do YOU have difficulty working with members of other generations, understanding them, communicating with them? Earlier generations entered a workforce with structured rewards and incentives, where their senior leaders gave newcomers their version of reality with no consideration of alternative viewpoints, and managers who often supported long and ineffective one-on-one feedback sessions. Thankfully, this one size, structured approach is no longer the norm.

    Today, top organizations tailor their rewards for their individual workers, and the best mentors specialize in brief and pointed conversations focusing on one area. Millennials show seniors how technology, social media, and other cutting-edge techniques improve themselves and their organizations. 

    Join us as we’ll share how all generations can work, grow, and succeed together. Specifically, we’ll explore how to:

    • determine methods of restructuring your reward system, benefiting all generations
    • give microfeedback to Millennials
    • provide reverse feedback to Boomers
    • talk about group mentoring with the Xers

    Through this interaction session, you’ll have the opportunity to discover how others describe their successes and explore new methods to improve your organizations’ effectiveness. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the:

    • differences between the generations and traditional differences between age groups
    • impact of these differences on changing reward perspectives
    • benefits of mentoring and coaching in the modern organization
    • microfeedback, it’s benefits and how to deliver it
    • importance of your personal working relationship with members of other generations

    Presented by:

    Alan Cabelly, Ph. D., SHRM-SCP, has been teaching Leadership and Human Resource Management at Portland State University since 1980. Prof. Cabelly has delivered highly popular sessions to the Rogue Valley SHRM chapter for many years, and enjoys the interaction with its members.  He is founder and Executive Director of the Portland Leadership Institute(, focusing on Leadership Excellence in the 21st century. He speaks widely on Generational Similarities and Differences in the Workplace; Leadership Style and Teambuilding in the Workplace; Strategic Negotiations; and various other Leadership and HRM topics. His personal mission is to help individuals increase their leadership skills and improve the functioning of their work teams. He helps people find passion in their work life environment, leading to greater individual engagement and satisfaction, and increased organization productivity. For his work with emerging professionals, SHRM honored him with its first annual Advisor Impact Award. In his spare time, Alan gardens, travels the world with his wife and partner Jean Benevento (recently teaching in France, Viet Nam, China, and Germany), and, while recovering from a recent heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery, remains physically active.