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    Radical Kindness in the Face of Chaos: Business Lessons from Virtual New World

    Date: January 20, 2021, 8:00am
    Rogue Valley SHRM
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    $20 SHRM Members/$25 Non-SHRM Members/Free First Time Guests and Students
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    In 2020, we've asked ourselves again and again, how do we navigate a completely unknown territory? We’ve been thrown into a virtual reality that's had us struggling to see through the discomfort into what’s coming next. 

    Without a road map, it's been more important than ever to adapt during these unpredictable times.  Communicating clearly and often and celebrating and recognizing your teams has been crucial to business success. 

    How have you helped your employees feel engaged, empowered, even motivated while we've moved through these months of uncertainty? During this virtual kindness program we'll discuss Adaptability, Communication, Recognition and Radical Self Care as key kindness strategies. We'll focus on what we CAN still DO to help celebrate our employees and elevate a culture of kindness.

    Why is kindness so crucial in the workplace, now more than ever? A culture of kindness improves team performance and company morale. Acts of kindness strengthen employee engagement and reduce burnout. Kindness practices attract and retain high performing leaders and build stronger organizations.

    This highly interactive program will allow participants to be “seen” and “heard” through our engaged virtual format.

    Part Inspiration. Part Motivation. You'll leave this program with new ideas to take action and thrive through these unusual times!

    Learning Objectives: 

    • Recognize why cultivating a culture of kindness in the workplace is imperative: Reputation, Retention and Recruitment.

    • Formulate ways to improve relationships and build stronger virtual teams through intentional engagement in acts of kindness.

    • Learn how “kindness” and “happiness” are linked in this time of uncertainty.

    • Discuss and explore kindness practices that would help build stronger strategic alliances.


    Linda Cohen, also known as the kindness catalyst, is a sought after professional speaker and consultant. She works with a wide variety of businesses and associations on the ROI of Kindness. She offers insight into why kindness matters so much in the workplace now more than ever. It's imperative to your bottom line. Your employees need to feel connected and supported during these changing times. Her most recent virtual keynote, Spreading Kindness Not Corona: Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty, incorporates Cohen's highly interactive style to engage your employees, boosting their morale, sharing“aha”s and tips to help your employees navigate change.  

    Linda is a Certified Virtual Presenter, this certification verifies her level of skill to deliver an amazing virtual experience for every customer. 

    Cohen is the current past president of the National Speakers Association Oregon Chapter. She earned her BA from American Jewish University and an MA from Brandeis University. Cohen lives in Oregon with her husband of 27 years. They have two spirited college age young adult children and two beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. When Cohen isn't working you might find her enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of Earl Grey Tea!