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    Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop

    Date: June 16, 2021, 8:00am
    Rogue Valley SHRM
    WebEx information will be shared after registration
    $20 SHRM Members/$30 Non-SHRM Members/Free First Time Guests and Students
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    This workshop teaches how to increase interpersonal skills using the very powerful Color Code theory.  The Color Code Personality Assessment is unique for several reasons.  First, it goes deeper than mere personality – it identifies Core Motive – WHY you do what you do.  Secondly, the Color Code is easy to use and implement.  Most other popular tests and assessments strictly identify behavior, and leave it at that.  The Color Code enables you to really understand WHY you think and behave as you do.  

    The Color Code introduces the following four personality “Colors,” or Driving Core Motives: 

    Red  – These are the power wielders.  

    Blue – These are the do-gooders.     

    WHITE – These are the peacekeepers.  

    YELLOW – These are the fun lovers.  

    Training Outcomes

    After completing the workshop, participants will:

    • Understand the four core personality types

    • Discover how to motivate others

    • Identify strategies for communicating more effectively

    • Improve interpersonal relationships with others

    Workshop participants develop increased levels of self-awareness (the #1 key element for developing Emotional Intelligence skills); learn how to effectively understand and work with team members; improve communication skills; and are better prepared to create successful professional relationships.