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    Throw Away Your Traditional Evaluations

    Date: July 21, 2021, 8:00am
    Rogue Valley SHRM
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    $20 SHRM Members/$30 Non-SHRM Members/Free First Time Guests and Students
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    Program Overview:  

    A performance management system cultivates discussions about goals, performance and development. Yet, a staggering 95% of managers are dissatisfied with their organization’s performance management system and only 3% of employers believe that their performance management system delivers “exception value”. So why in the world do we keep using the same complicated and confusing employee evaluation and performance systems?

    It is time to throw out the old and create a new Performance Management System.  

    An effective system isn’t just about that pesky once a year evaluation meeting to discuss things no one really remembers to justify a pay increase. An effective performance management system is about connecting, coaching and developing employees to not only achieve but exceed organizational goals and mission. It is about a continuous process of gathering information and providing feedback.  The metrics used to measure performance are based on specific goals that are set in collaboration with managers, supervisors and employees.  

    An effective performance management system empowers employees to take ownership in setting performance priorities that play a larger role in the achieving of the company’s strategic objectives. This includes breaking down goals into achievable objectives or milestones specific to the employee.

    Here is what you will learn:

    • The real purpose of a Performance Management System (it’s not about justifying raises)

    • What Employees need to perform at high levels.

    • Actionable steps to improve performance, including continuous feedback and stay interviews.

    • How to stop stressing out your supervisors and employees and create conversations that improve engagement, performance and retention.